Sunset Summer Sangria Recipe

By: Sarah Collins

Sunset Summer Sangria

I’ve been asking you all via Instagram what exactly you want to see here on Twenty Something and Tipsy and one of the things I’ve repeatedly seen requested is a staple recipe for sangria. Well ask and you shall receive!

I’m a huge fan of reds – merlots in particular – but feel like merlot sangria recipes aren’t as easy to come by. So, here’s my take on sangria, which you’ll frequently see me sipping on this summer. It’s also a great recipe to scale up for large groups, perfect for backyard BBQs or lakeside hangouts. As opposed to say a rosé or white wine sangria this might be a bit heavier than you’re used to, so as always, please drink responsibly.

Sunset Summer Sangria Sunset Summer Sangria

  • Bottle of merlot
  • 3/4 cups of mango rum
  • Can of frozen orange juice concentrate
  • 2 oranges
  • Soda water
  1. Set out can of frozen orange juice concentrate to soften
  2. Peel and slice both oranges
  3. Combine the merlot, mango rum, orange juice concentrate and oranges and stir until thoroughly mixed
  4. Add soda water and lightly stir
  5. Serve and Enjoy!

What wine did I use? My boyfriend and I have been saving a bottle of 2012 Le Flirt from Domanico Cellars, which we picked up during our last trip to Prosser, Wa, and in order to celebrate him being out of school for the summer, we wanted to do something fun. On it’s own this wine has a dark burgundy coloring and an earthy/gravely aroma. If you’re familiar with the Yakima Valley, the aroma just reminds me of the area in general. You’re going to want to let this baby breathe before enjoying. Expect it to be a bit dry, hold a lite body and thin mouthfeel.

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