No Sex for Butterfly – 2017 Grenache

By: Sarah Collins

No Sex for Butterfly Grenache

You may have seen my review of the Schloss Maissau or the Dove Hunt Dog Rosé, but in case you missed it, I’m exploring the world of natural and organic wines and Adam Gellert from @VinoBlancWineClub is helping me along the way. Armed with a package of clean-crafted wines he’s sent me, I’m learning a little bit about the difference in quality and ultimately taste. If you, like myself, didn’t immediately recognize the term “clean-crafted”, have no fear! According to the Scout & Celler website some of the defining qualities include:

  • Grown naturally with no synthetic pesticides
  • Low sulfites (Most <50 PPM)
  • Vinified by hand not manufactured in a lab
  • Most are harvested from old established vines

This 2017 No Sex for Butterfly Grenache from Château de Valcombe comes all the way from Pays d’Oc, France and definitely needs a minute or two to open up and breathe. Once you’ve aerated your bottle, you’ll be eager to dive in for a full glass. As for me, here’s what I thought:

Appearance: Dark purple/red color, slightly transparent, mild amounts of sediment floating throughout

Swirling & Smelling: Strong scent of red berry and cherry, like punch you in the nose and let you know it’s there levels of scent

Tasting: Lite yet heartily full with a jammy flavor and smooth finish

Recommending Drinking Experience: Pairs perfectly with Monday Night Football and taco nights with friends, #GoHawks

No Sex for Butterfly Grenache

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