Hi-Wheel Fizzy Wine

By: Shannon Nelson

Hi Wheel Fizzy Wine

Hey there, fellow tipsys – its Shannon back at it again with another post!

A little while back I celebrated my birthday and was gifted two kinds of fizzy wine by Hi-Wheel Fizzy Wine Co. from my friend Elizabeth. I’ve had my fair share of wine (who hasn’t), but these fizzy wines in particular seemed like a new alternative I’ve yet to try.

Fast forward a few weeks and the perfect opportunity presented itself to break these bad boys out while at game night with some friends. We paired them with an assorted charcuterie board and played a game called Knowledge is Power. Super fun game for a group, so I definitely recommend giving it a try if you have a PS4!

Right off the bat I will say if you do not like ginger or lemon, these might not be the right fit for you, but if that is your kinda thing read on:

Passion & Spice fizzy passion fruit wine

First, we decided to try the Passion & Spice fizzy passion fruit wine. It is seasoned with Szechuan peppercorns and boy does this pack a punch of flavor up front! Before you’ve even taken a sip, you can smell lemon and ginger notes as you bring it up to your face. The initial flavors are very tart and fruity and dry in the back end, which is when the ginger also hits your taste buds. This was good overall, but probably something best to split with friends. It is a seasonal drink, so if you are interested in giving it a try I recommend you do so soon!

Ginger Lemon fizzy wine

Second, we tried the Ginger Lemon fizzy wine and this was a much bigger hit. It was smoother than the first and had an even lemon ginger flavor throughout. The back end was dry like the first, but in a less noticeable way. This may sound odd, but while drinking this I noted to myself that it almost tastes healthy because it reminds me of the ginger lemon tea I make in the winter for a sore throat – but in a good way! This one is a permanent flavor, so keep an eye out year round to try for yourself.

Next I’m looking forward to trying the Lime Habanero, because spicy and lime sound right up my alley and a perfect fit with some Mexican food – yum! If you’ve tried these out before and recommend another – comment via Instagram at @Twentysomethingandtipsy

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