Cecilia Beretta Freeda Rosé

By: Shannon Nelson

As Twenty Something and Tipsy continues to grow it can be hard to keep up on quality content while maintaining a full-time job, social life, mental health, etc. That’s why I’m excited to welcome our very first guest author to the family! You can learn a bit about our newest contributor, Shannon Nelson, by visiting our Guest Author page. In the meantime, read on below for her very first post!

Cecilia Beretta Freeda Rosé

Hey there! My name is Shannon and I’m a fellow twenty something and co-worker turned friend of Sarah’s, living in Portland. I, like Sarah and many of you, enjoy a good drink now and then, so I’m excited to share some of my fun finds with you all!

Another thing that Sarah and I have in common is our love of Trader Joes. Give me the everything bagel seasoning, the chocolate covered banana slices and don’t even get me started on the orange chicken – okay, now I’m hungry.

I was doing my weekly grocery shopping when a pretty little bottle of Freeda rosé trevenezie from Cecilia Beretta caught my eye in the wine aisle. I’m not normally one to only pick based solely on a pretty label, but hey – aesthetic doesn’t hurt! This wine comes from Italy and the grapes are grown near the shores of Lake Garda, so I was definitely intrigued.

I cracked this open one-day after a long day at work and thoroughly enjoyed what I tasted! See below for more thoughts:

Appearance– pale pinky peach and clear

Swirling & Smelling– I picked up a fruity peach smell along with a hint of berry

Tasting– Mellow, dry and fruity. It’s not overly sweet and features notes of peach and strawberry. When I first opened this up the taste was faint, but as it warmed up slightly the flavors continued to emerge.

I think this would pair well with something light like chicken, seafood or salad. This was also an affordable purchase at only $9.99, so next time you are looking for a reasonably priced rosé at Trader Joes – I give this my vote!

Cecilia Beretta Freeda Rosé

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