2017 Dove Hunt Dog Rosé

By: Sarah Collins

Dove Hunt Dog Rosé

You may have seen my review of the Schloss Maissau, but in case you missed it, I’ve recently been interested in natural or organic wines and Adam Gellert from @VinoBlancWineClub is helping me along my educational journey. Through the package of clean-crafted wines he’s sent me I’m learning a little bit about the difference in quality and ultimately taste. If you, like myself, didn’t immediately recognize the term “clean-crafted”, have no fear! According to the Scout & Celler website some of the defining qualities include:

  • Grown naturally with no synthetic pesticides
  • Low sulfites (Most <50 PPM)
  • Vinified by hand not manufactured in a lab
  • Most are harvested from old established vines


The 2017 rosé from Dove Hunt Dog is the second wine from my shipment of four and given my recent pink wine obsession, I was particularly excited to try. Here’s what I thought:

Appearance – Peachy pink and clear.

Swirling & Smelling – An almost light and uplifting aroma of strawberry and citrus. I enjoyed this on a fine September afternoon and the smells brought back a sense of nostalgia for warm summer days.

Tasting – I loved the flavor on this! Being from Oregon, I’m surrounding by great Pinot Noirs and have grown partial to these rosé varietals, so I was excited to see this was 100 percent. The mouthfeel was super smooth and had a light effervescence on the back end.

Who I’m Recommending This to and Where I’d Drink This – For anyone who enjoys a good Ross Test, this one’s for you! Easy to chug, while still incredibly flavorful.

Dove Hunt Dog Rosé

Stay tuned as I review the other two blends I received and be sure to check out the Scout & Cellar clean-crafted wine selection for yourself, by visiting here.

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