A Halloweentown Drinking Game – Drinking your Way through a Spooky Classic

By: Sarah Collins

Halloween town drinking gameIn the spirit of all things spooky, we’re continuing the Halloween magic with a second drinking game for you to enjoy! If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the Hocus Pocus drinking game released earlier this week!

Halloweentown is a childhood classic for me and none of the magic has been lost over the years (except for a more acute awareness that the special effects are outdated and cheesy). In fact, the town where the movie was filmed is about forty minutes from where I live now. The giant pumpkin, in all its glory, can still be found in the town square of St. Helens, Oregon every October along with a myriad of other festive activities. Marnie Cromwell herself has even made a few appearances! With all the hubbub year in and year out, it’s hard to not feel the “Spirit of Halloweentown”.

If you’re looking for something to drink while partaking in this spooky drink-along try out these delicious pumpkin margaritas or maybe one of the many pumpkin beers from last year’s review.

And as always, please remember to drink responsibly!

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