Cinco de Mayo at Santa Fe Taqueria

By: Sarah Collins

Santa Fe TaqueriaFor all my fellow Portland folks, if you’re looking for somewhere to celebrate Cinco de Mayo this weekend you’re in luck. One of my favorite places right off NW 23rd, Santa Fe Taqueria, is debuting their new drink menu as well as offering a day-of special exclusively for the occasion. They will also have a specialty Cinco de Mayo food menu including ceviche, spicy veggie tamales and flan!

Santa Fe Taqueria Cinco de Mayo Drink Menu

I tried some of the updated drink menu as well as their limited edition Cinco de Mayo sangria and here’s what I thought of the new concoctions:

Rosé All Day

Rosé All Day

I’m typically a big fan of Santa Fe Taqueria’s sangrias, especially their blends that include jalapeno that are refreshing, delicious and never overpowering. The Rosé All Day was no different; with its refreshing combination of St. Germain, rosé, mango and mint. Expect this to be lightly sweet and well balanced by the mint. If you seek out elderflower flavors you’ll love this.

This is their exclusive Cinco de Mayo drink; so make sure to try it while you still can!

Two to Tango

Two to Tango

If I were to describe this drink in one word it would be… adult. Astral blanco tequila, Sombra mezcal, lime and egg whites. I was warned that this was not a drink for the faint of heart, but I absolutely loved it! While initially smoky in flavor, it continued to change ever so slightly and kept me guessing all the way to the finish. If you’re at all hesitant towards mezcal, I would recommend trying something different because it’s definitely an acquired taste.

Dang Girl

Dang Girl

First of all, by far my favorite new drink name on the menu. When you think of a stereotypical “twenty something” drink, you might think of this because it’s fruity, colorful and fresh! Aviation gin, fresh lemon juice, sugar, muddled raspberry and cava. If you’re looking for an easy-drinking fruit based drink to sip on all night long, I’d recommend giving this a shot!

Berries Galore

Berry Galore

Another sweet-ish drink – a pleasant combination of Aviation gin, soda and strawberry shrub by Shrub Works Co. I was pretty surprised by this one, for some reason I expected this to be overly sweet, but it definitely wasn’t. I rubbed the garnishing mint leaf along the rim and appreciated the extra boost of freshness.


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