By: Sarah Collins

Amazing Clubs Beer of the Month

I finally had a chance to sit down during a recent game night and review the final eight beers from my year with Amazing Clubs Beer of the Month. The four breweries featured spanned the country from Mississippi to New York and included beers vast in differences. Here’s what I tried.

Argus Brewery – A local favorite from the south side of Chicago since 2009, Argus Brewery describes itself as “tough and sometimes unruly.”

  • Bloodshot Red Ale – I’m pretty hit or miss with how much I enjoy red ales, however I really enjoyed this! It wasn’t overly sweet and had strong notes of citrus. Packed a flavorful and unexpected punch!
  • Golden Prairie Ale – Not every beer is for everyone and unfortunately this one just wasn’t for me. I’m not sure what exactly it was, but might have had something to do with the boozy punch that was a bit too overwhelming to my taste. That being said, others in my tasting group really liked this beer had none of my same complaints! Goes to show, it’s all about preference.

Ellicottville Brewing Company – Located in (you guessed it) Ellicottville, New York, is a craft-brewing haven in the middle of “The Aspen of the East.”

  • Blood Orange Hefeweizen – From the first crack of the bottle, this beer carried strong aromas of orange and citrus. The texture was super smooth and incredibly full bodied. Overall, I really enjoyed this! I want to put it in a sneaky coffee mug, and go on long winter walks while sipping.
  • Fall Festival Lager – A classic fall beer in every sense of the style. Crisp, clean, snappy and golden; this beer stirs memories of hanging out in the beer garden and enjoying with friends and family.

Foothills Brewing – Love the cartoony branding of this brewery located out of Winston-Salem, North Carolina! Like many others across the country, the folks behind Foothills are going back to basics and focusing on water, yeast, grains and hops.

  • Hopjob Sessions IPA – I feel like a broken record, but I love Mosaic hops and this beer is heavy on them! This is a pretty, standard and mellow IPA without any sharp bitterness. Highly sessionable and easily enjoyable.
  • Torch Pilsner – A little hoppy for a pilsner with a bitter aftertaste, but it was light and sweet all the same time. I really enjoyed the aroma, which was bready and comforting.

Lazy Magnolia Brewery –Mississippi’s oldest packaging brewery, Lazy Magnolia is dedicated to providing beer that is true to southern tastes. Also, love the branding on their cans that encourages you to #DoSomethingLazy, don’t have to ask me twice!

  • Southern Pecan – This was a real surprise for me; I was nervous because I’m not normally a pecan fan, but I was blown away! It had a strong sweet nuttiness, with a warming aftereffect. It would pair perfectly with a winter/fall dessert.
  • Sweet Potato Stout – The lactose in this beer offered an oddly satisfying and silky texture. With strong flavors of brown sugar and coffee, this beer would make a fantastic ice cream float.

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