Pizza and Beer – A Definitive Ranking of the Riverbend Milkshake IPAs

By: Sarah Collins

Riverbend Brewing Company Milkshake IPA's

One of the most ideal food and drink pairings is none other than pizza and beer. More specifically a salty, spicy, hearty pizza washed down with a crisp, refreshingly smooth IPA. I’ve wanted to give the new line of Riverbend Brewing Company Milkshake IPAs a try and what better way than alongside a (semi) homemade pizza pie?

Thanks to my new friend, Jenna Passaro over at Sip Bite Go for the home cooked pizza tips. My boyfriend Taylor and I found that cans of Life’s a Peach & Then You Die and Berry the Hopetition made for perfect pairings with a robust marinara pizza topped with mozzarella, Trader Joes Italian Sausage-less Sausage and Cremini Mushrooms. We relied on good ole’ faithful Trader Joes for their take and bake pizza dough. Be sure to check out Jenna’s video below for some pro-tips.

Overall, I really enjoyed all of the Riverbend Milkshake IPAs and would recommend giving all four a try. However, there is a definitive ranking of their greatness, so from great to greatest, here’s what I thought:

Hawaiian Crunk

Hawaiian Crunk

 Although this was my least favorite of the four, it was still a great beer. The problem for me was self-set expectations, which I admit is entirely unfair. I really wanted strong POG flavor and it was a little lighter than I’d hoped. Other than that, Hawaiian Crunk was smooth and had a nice light fruity aroma. Totally refreshing!

Man-Go Fluff Yourself

Man-Go Fluff Yourself

If you have been following along with my blogging journey, than you know, I’ve already tried this beer as a part of The Let’s Clean the Apartment Six-Pack Pt. 3. I standby my original analysis, as you enjoy the beer the mango flavor grows stronger. It’s fruity and light, but smooth overall.

Beery The Hopetition

Berry the Hopetition 

When I asked Taylor what he thought about this beer his only response was, “It’s fucking delicious!” So I guess that about sums it up. The berry flavor was strong without becoming overwhelming. Hoppiness was incredibly subtle but present.

LIfe's a Peach & Then You Die

Life’s a Peach & Then You Die  

It’s important to state that Life’s a Peach & Then You Die was MY self-proclaimed king of the Riverbend Milkshake IPAs. I say this because the topic was much contested in our household since Taylor strongly preferred Berry the Hopetition. It was just so refreshing and smooth, I enjoyed every drop of this bad boy and had to rank it in the number one spot. Similar to Man-Go Fluff Yourself in flavor profile, but unique all the same. I LOVE peach, so I’m probably a little bias, but definitely my overall favorite.

Be sure to check out Jenna and Sip Bite Go on Instagram @sipbitego for more home cooking tips and tricks.

Pizza & Beer

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