A Sample of the Ohio Beer Scene

By: Sarah Collins

Ohio Beer

When our friends came to visit us this summer, they came baring gifts – OHIO BEER. They live so far away and decided to pick out brews they knew we couldn’t find in the Portland area. Lucky for us they all paired perfectly with the fall feeling that is best described as crisp, cool September evenings. We even managed to squeeze in a group tasting while visiting my parents back in Washington State so more of us could try out the different brews. I was also stoked, because they each came with a cool bottle cap to help fill up my cap map!

Prosperity Wheat

Prosperity Wheat from The Market Garden Brewery 

A mild beer, with a classic wheat profile. Imagine yourself in an outdoor beer garden on a brisk fall afternoon; if you’re sipping on a large stein, you could very well be drinking this beer. I could have done with a bit more flavor, but for wheat fans this may do the trick!

Mellow Monks

Mellow Monks from Weyerbacher Brewing Company

Yet another beer that could easy fit in on the menu at the beer garden. As odd as it may sound, this beer carried a subtle apple flavor, which I found unqiue. Super easy-drinking and highly sessionable.

Summer Teeth

Summer Teeth from Columbus Brewing Company

Okay, so in my tasting notes, I wrote that this beer tasted a bit nutty, but everyone else participating in the tasting said I was crazy so take that with a grain of salt! Something that everyone could agree on was the fact that this beer was refreshing and smooth.

Head Trip

Head Trip from Fatheads

The after-taste of this beer is very similar to a cider, which is odd but not unpleasant! The first sip was a bit rough and punchy, but it smooths out as you drink. We used to be able to get Fatheads when we first moved to Portland, but they’ve since closed up shop so we were excited to see a familiar brand.

Citra Dog

Citra Dog from Thirsty Dog Brewing Company

It may just be me but I think Citra hop heavy beers sometimes taste a bit soapy, which unfortunately didn’t make this my favorite. I did enjoy the lemony flavor on the back end. Also best-served very cold.

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