An East Coast Beer Exchange with Brew Roots Pt. 2

By: Sarah Collins

Brew Roots Beer Exchange

Brew Roots is one of my favorite boozy podcasts and given they’re located on the complete opposite side of the country, I love when they send me beer from the East coast (and beyond) that I wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to try.

This last batch was a big one, so stick with me as I highlight what I thought of each of these new brews. I followed Brew Roots’ lead and drank straight from the can, because sometimes you just don’t want to do the extra dishes.

Tree House Brewing Co.

Bright from Tree House Brewing Co.

I expected this to be a bit sweeter, but it was fairly neutral while still being tropical and well… bright. Honestly, I’d heard so much about this beer that I think I set my expectations too high and ended up being a bit disappointed. It was a fantastic beer, but due to the hype I think I was expecting to be blown away.

Mighty Squirrel

Cosmic Distortion from Mighty Squirrel

I consistently fall in love with the combination of galaxy and mosaic hops and this was no different. With a smooth mouthfeel and subtle lemon and melon aromas, this beer was definitely one of my favorites from this batch of brews.

Narragansett Beer

Del’s Shandy from Narragansett Beer

Like I’ve said before, this is my shandy summer. Del’s is super light and heavy on the lemon without being tart or sour and it doesn’t have any sugary sweetness. This is a perfect beer for beating the blazing summer heat.

To Øl

Mr. Blue 2018 from To Øl

The first sip was a real punch to the taste buds and I’ll admit I wasn’t impressed, but something I’ve learned is to never make a judgment until you’ve had three unbiased sips. I’m glad I followed my own advice, because this ended up being one of my favorite beers! It had a beautiful balance of tart and sweet. The beer is jam-packed with acaì…that makes it a breakfast beer, yea?

Springdale by Jack’s Abby

Pearly Wit from Springdale by Jack’s Abby

Freshly steamed clams are one of my favorite foods and I really wish I had saved this beer to eat with a big pot of steamers, because it would have been a perfect pair. Not only was the pearly wit light and lemony, but also also herbal. The can was beautiful and something I’d love to take with me to the coast.

Night Shift Brewing

Santilli from Night Shift Brewing

This was an incredibly aromatic beer, when I cracked the can I was hit with a powerful IPA smell. Very pleasant and enjoyable with a tropical hop profile. I turned this bad boy into a cool refreshing shower beer.

Idle Hands Craft Ales

Six Seam from Idle Hands Craft Ales

This was by far the favorite from this beer shipment! It had a lovely balance between fruit and hop. It felt highly sessionable, which was sneaky given it’s 8.2% ABV. A beer I could see myself drinking all day long!

Tree House Brewing Co.

Sssappp from Tree House Brewing Co.

This IPA has a very Pacific Northwest vibe with it’s smooth, piney flavor. I know that some people complain that pine can have a lingering unpleasant flavor, but this beer doesn’t fall into that trap at all. Absolutely delicious and something I could see myself reaching for time and time again.


Undine from Down the Road Beer Co.

I am absolutely in love with this can design, mainly because of my mermaid obsession. Much like the sea, this was quite the foamy brew. Once it opened up, the aroma and flavors were very tropical and clean.

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