Let’s Clean the Apartment Six-Pack Pt. 5 (Sours Edition)

By: Sarah Collins

Let's Clean the Apartment Six-Pack

Everyone’s favorite Twenty Something and Tipsy series is back!

We’re well into the summer heat wave and everyone is struggling to find the motivation to keep their lives organized and clean. I’ve also, personally, been on a real sours kick and they are, in my opinion, perfectly parable with everyday life activities. Luckily for me, Josh Johnson over at Uptown Market had a bunch of new suggestions for me to try out. Luckily for you, I took notes about my experience and have plenty of suggestions for which cleaning activities pair with them best.

Cactus Wins the Lottery

Cactus Wins the Lottery from Ex Novo

The bulk of my notes boil down to, “Oh my god, this is so good!” Like most Berliner Weisses, this beer was incredibly refreshing, but the flavor profile was completely unique with its smooth prickly pear taste.

Pairs perfectly with preparing Jell-O shots for all your sunny summer getaways.

Careful with that Apricot, Eugene

Careful with that Apricot, Eugene from Beachwood Blendery

This sour is not for the faint of heart; if drinking sours had levels of experience, Careful with that Apricot, Eugene would be advanced. For all the wine drinkers out there, you might find comfort in this beer since it uses wine yeast as opposed to brewers. The taste is acidic and fruity and gave me vibes of porch swings and cool evening air.

Pairs well with laundry. The sour zing will give you the motivation you need to complete one of cleaning’s most monotonous tasks. Fruitlands from Modern Times is another fantastic sour – gose to be exact – that pairs well with laundry.

Disco Lemonade

Disco Lemonade from Aslan Brewing

Initially the flavor was a bit flat and seemed watered down, but I think I may have had it too cold, because as it warmed the fresh lemon flavor started to come through. Ultimately, I would like to try this again and compare notes.

Pairs well with refinishing furniture on a day that’s way too warm to be refinishing furniture.

Nice & Easy

Nice & Easy from Baerlic Brewing

The can describes it as “tart n’ salty n’ dry” and it means what it says. This brew lies somewhere perfectly in the middle of many tastes, which results in a really balanced profile.

Pairs well with fluffing up pillows; keeping things nice and easy.

Passion Aggressive

Passion Aggressive from Barrelhouse Brewing Co.

The passionfruit is an incredibly dominant and pleasant flavor, further extenuated by the beer’s smooth and delicate mouthfeel. I’d call this tart, but not aggressively sour – the aroma is super fruity.

Pairs well with recycling. The tropic fruit flavor will inspire you to save the planet, one recyclable at a time.

Salty Bog

Salty Bog from Silver Moon Brewing

When I first started the blog, I never imagined that “salty” would be a positive way to describe a beer, but this brew is perfectly salty! The star of this show is by far the cranberry. I’m looking forward to sipping on this well through the fall.

Pairs well with packing and re-packing weekender bags.

Sea Quench Ale

Sea Quench Ale from Dogfish Head

My notes start with, “oooo baby!” which is how you know I loved it! Another beer I’d describe as beautifully salty. Pleasant, fresh and limey.

Pairs well with reorganizing all the messy shit that you let build up, but know you can only ignore for so long.

Sour Flower

Sour Flower from Culmination Brewing

While the lime flavor initially packs the punch, it’s followed by a smooth raspberry finish. The fruits pairs perfectly together. I also really enjoyed the carbonation, which was super bubbly like a soda water.

Pairs well with attempting to organize oversized bags, especially purses.

Suburban Beverage

Suburban Beverage from Perennial Artisan Ales

I don’t know why, but the look and feel of this can gives me 60’s in suburbia vibes. This beer has a strong citrus flavor, with key lime playing the starring role and supporting acts from lemon and orange. It’s definitely more on the sour side, but wasn’t enough to make me pucker.

Pairs well with domestic-ass shit, such reorganizing your glassware for obvious reasons indicated by the name.

At the end of the day, it would be way too hard for me to narrow it down to just one favorite but I did manage to pick three: Sea Quench Ale, Careful with that Apricot, Eugene and Salty Bog. Which beers did I miss that should have been included? Let me know via Facebook or Instagram!

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